How to link Aadhar Card with Passport and Get it faster

How to link Aadhar Card with Passport and Get it faster . Modi Government has been trying its level best to bring all the departments under one unified system. Thus, the initiation of the unique identification pass, also known as the Aadhar Card has been a proactive measure on the part of the government. The Unique Identification Authority of India, also known as the UIDAI, has been working round the clock to gather and link all details of the residents for streamlining the process. This will assist the Government to track the activities of the citizens better. The latest development under this has been the linking of the unique identification pass with the Passports. This scheme has been named the Passport Seva Project.

Aim of the Program

Before understanding the purpose of the Passport Seva Project, you need to understand the objective of the Aadhar card in general. With the help of this card, the government will be able to collect all sorts of biometric and related details about each resident of the nation. According to Niti Aayog or the Planning Commission of India, this is the most elaborate project undertaken by the Indian government.

After linking the Aadhar Card with the LPG connections, Voter Card and the bank accounts, it is time to link the Aadhar details with the Passport of the Indian citizens. With the implementation of the Passport Seva Project, the Aadhar details will be connected with the passport. Thus, the government will be able to keep track of the activities of the people traveling abroad as well.

Benefits of linking Aadhar  Card to Passport

The following are some of the benefits, which will be made available to the people as per the latest project:

  1. Elimination of chances of fraud

The main advantage of the Passport Seva Project is to eliminate the chances of fraud. This will also put a stopper on the misconducts, which have been undermining the system for so long. Once the unique identification code has been linked with the Passport details, the chances of duplicity will be reduced by leaps and bounces. Apart from this, the people connecting their Aadhar pass with a new Passport application will be handed the Passport within 10 working days. This decision has been welcomed by all sections of the people. Once it becomes operational, you can bid farewell to the long wait for getting the Passport.

  1. No need for local police verification

By this process, the need for police verification will no longer be needed. By linking the details of the Passport and the AAdhar Pass, the NCRB will be notified about the applicant. They will then be able to initiate a search for determining whether or not the person was involved in any illegal activity.

  1. Just one document will be required

During the earlier days, the person applying for the Passport has to furnish around 14 different types of official papers. These included documents which assisted in the verification of residential data, contact, birth details and so on. With the initiation of the Passport Seva scheme, all these have become a thing of the past. All the person needs to do now is sharing the Aadhar Card details, while applying for a Passport and they are sorted.

Necessity of the Aadhar Card

Under the new directives, passed by the Union government, any person applying to get the Passport will have to furnish all necessary details along with the Aadhar Card. Under the new directive, if the person does not possess the unique identification pass, then they will be barred from traveling to the other countries. It will assist the NCRB on keeping track of the legal residents.

If the person applying for the Passport cannot produce the Aadhar Card, then they will have to give the enrollment code. This code is made available during the time of applying for the unique identification card.

Implementation Of Linking the Aadhar Card with the Passport

For the time being, the programme has been started in only seven Passport Seva centers. The cities, where the collection of data for linking Passport and Aadhar card has been launched are Delhi, Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Chandigarh, Chennai, Vishakhapatnam, and Ranchi. Depending on the success of the scheme in these centers, the government will implement the project on a pan-India basis in due time.

Aadhar Card makes getting Passport easier

Gone are the days when applying for acquiring a Passport was tiresome and time-consuming. With the initiation of the Passport Seva Program, an applicant will be able to get his/her Passport with ease.

According to the new directive of the Central Government, any person, applying for the Passport will have to furnish the Aadhar code or the enrollment code. If an applicant does this, then the Passport Authority will process their case faster and they will acquire the Passport after only 10 days of submitting the application. For making the process quicker and less complicated, the people can apply via online websites.

How to enroll in the scheme?

By following the steps mentioned below, the applicant will be able to register for acquiring the Passport, from the comfort of their homes:

  1. The first step is registering your application. One needs to click on the official web page of the Passport Seva Portal. Once you click on the link, a page will open where you will need to submit the required details.
  2. If this is your first time, then you will have to click on the option ‘register now.’ This must be followed by entering details like the birth date, e-mail address and ‘Passport Kendra.’
  3. Once this step has been completed, the site will generate a password and login ID for the applicant. These will be sent to the official e-mail address that has been entered by the person. For continuing the process further, you need to feed these data in the home page.
  4. If you are thinking of applying for a new passport for the first time, then tap on ‘Apply for Fresh Passport’ choice specified on the page. At that point, you need to fill the tabs which ask a few insights on yourself. Give all data judiciously and effectually. Double check the application for eliminating any slip ups. If the passport procedure fall flat or any blunder happen from your side, then more time will be wasted in applying for the process again.
  5. After this, the data must be saved accordingly. For then on, the applicant will be able to check the details at preferred time. After furnishing the personal details, the applicant must submit necessary details, related to the other members, associated with him/her.
  6. For proceeding, the application will have to click on the option that displays ‘View Saved/Submitted Applications.’ From this very page, the applicant must proceed to the payment section. To pay the required fee for Passport generation and setting up an interview with the authority, clicking on the option ‘Pay and Schedule Appointment’ is a must.
  7. The payment for the Passport can be easily made by online portals of the associated banks. The applicant can choose from the option of using either a credit or a debit card for making the monetary transactions.
  8. When this has been done, the applicant must click on the option Application Receipt. This will automatically generate the application reference and the appointment numbers. The candidate must download the receipt and get a printout.
  9. On the specified day of the interview, the applicant must attach the Aadhar document with the generated receipt. Only after submitting the documents, the process of generating the Passport will be furthered. The applicant will be sent the Passport via postal services. It can also be acquired from the online portals.

This scheme has been welcomed by people from all sections of the society. Through this project, applying and attaining the Passport has been made easier.

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